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In honour of the Punster...

It would only be too wonderful to go home to his rolling hillside estate which over looked the sea. God knows he could use the brake. Well yes, or he'd likely end up rolling down the hillside estate and into the sea...

Her pale blue-jeans, tank top shirt and long leather trench coat were a completely outcast when compared to her father’s office. Huh? "You come to the wrong place, Major." " So did you, Jet." "I'll give you five minutes to get out of here." "And I'll give you five seconds to go for your gun." /obscure film references. Note to fic author; CONTRAST and compare.

His eyes had collided with hers.. Ow. Eyes across a crowded room perhaps, but when eyes collide it's just painful. On so many levels.

His deep, baritone voice glided through the air And collided with the eyes which were still recovering...

Harry hummed in response and idly picked at a bread role Perhaps the stew role would have been too meaty for such a young actor?
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