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I beg your pardon?

"What an stuck-up gremlin! Detention for TWO weeks worth of sleep?" You never mentioned sleep, it was an essay, and *an* gremlin is a small thing that gets into machinery and breaks it, I doubt Hermione would ever describe SS as "an stuck-up gremlin".

"An 8 year old Krystyyl sat in her small bedroom, chewing a loose tendril of her slick black hare. She had tied her thick, shiny hare back in a braid today, which showed off her bright pink highlights. When the screaming started from downstairs she rolled her clear blue eyes. She heard footsteps coming up the stares, " " but if you fale, I’ll have to ask you to leave. Your giving me no choice, Krystyyl" “You called your principle WHAT!1!111!11!” Just please kill me now. Ow Ow Ow. This has to be a p*ss take or a troll. HAS to be.

"She told Ginny after ten minuets of how fantastic there date had been" Ten minuets and a gavotte, I didn't know wizards were into formal dances on casual dates. /me ignores "there".
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